Boy’s & Men’s Issues Launch

Welcome to my new site.

This site was created with a few goals in mind. First, this will be a site related to my upcoming book series, “Boy’s & Men’s Issues Handbook” and “Boy’s & Men’s Issues Factbook”. As I make progress with it, I want to update this site in order to keep everyone aware of what is going on, and more importantly, when to expect it to be released and potential sales.

Second reason for this site is to create a shop. With the launch of this site, I have re-released the Lovely Ladies Quick Reference Guide that was released with the 2020 calendar. This is a revamp of that concept, with more facts than before. You can purchase this for $10 (though if you type LAUNCH in the coupon code, you can get it for a $1 off (offer expires August 21)). I plan to have other things to sell, including signed copies of my books and potentially other products. This will include merchandise from the Lovely Ladies for Men’s Movement.

Third, is to do articles related to the movement. While I have done articles for Honey Badger Brigade and AVfM, there are times I have something I want to write about that doesn’t qualify for either of those sources, so I will now post here for all my articles with the occasional one on AVfM. 

Lastly, I want to expand this to do other things one day, such be a place for models to submit to be featured in products, to have a webcomic, and anything else that I get the inspiration to do.

As of the launch of this site, this website is still very much a work in progress. So not everything is complete, but the store does work.

Author, Blogger, Angry Egalitarian (YouTube), Co-Creator of Lovely Ladies of Men's Issues